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Selmer Amp Treble & Bass Mark 2 1965

Unfortunately it was so mandatory to have a black amp - the old two-tone coverings by then being considered very old-fashioned - that many people had their older amps re-covered in black, or if they couldn't afford that resorted to a can of black paint; usually the very devil to get off now singletreff warendorf tastes have gone full circle. Often the post croc-skin Selmers are referred to as "ugly", but this is rather unfair as leute kennenlernen dachau they are no less attractive than the amplifiers made at the time by other UK manufacturers.

Generally the changes were only cosmetic and not to the circuitry of the amplifier, so owning one of these "unfashionable" amplifiers is a bargain way to enjoy the Selmer sound. At this point though, it seems that Selmer made a quite radical revision of their range of amplifiers. Deutsche maenner kennenlernen would seem that most of the range of croc-skin amplifiers were discontinued at or before the end of dating selmer amps croc-skin coverings era, certainly most of the smaller amps, though some model names continued dating selmer amps new solid-state amps.

Around this time, Selmer introduced a new ancillary logo in the shape of a lyre, partnervermittlung rostock is to be partnersuche ettenheim on many of the black-covered amplifiers. As Selmer are nowadays part of the Steinway Company, whose logo dating selmer amps a similar lyre shape, it may well be that the acquisition took place at that time.

This section is perhaps the least well-documented of the information we have tried to present, as Selmer continued to sell many different models of amplifiers until the end of the 's and possibly beyond. We have included in the linked pages to this one, details of the amplifiers that we have catalogue entries for from the late 's and early 's, model by model, and hope that visitors will help fill in the gaps by sending us more details.

DATING BLACK-COVERED SELMER AMPS The following cosmetic details of the "Black" Dating selmer amps, should provide a very approximate guide to dating dating selmer amps amps, mainly by the style of the control panels and grillcloth as follows: Light blue surface-mounted Selmer logo and sometimes also lyre logo. Printed separate Selmer and lyre logos. It should be noted that Selmer seemed to change cosmetic features gradually rather than in one fell swoop, so finding amps which fall somewhere between the above styles is not uncommon.


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Many Selmer fans used to bemoan the lack of information on Selmer amps, and of the Selmer Company in the UK as we have been able to compile to date. I have a Selmer Bassmaster Fifty from croc-skin era. According to How can I figure out when was this amp actually built? Cheers, Hannu. Amps · Ampeg · Budda · Eden · Industrial Amps · Jim's Guitars · JMI · Magnatone · Marshall · Orange · Premier · PRS · Selmer · Supro · Vox · WEM · JG's Wall of. AMPEG DATING AMPEG AMPLIFIERS In dating Ampeg Amplifiers, there are several There is a small list of what Selmer and Ampeg changed during this time.