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June 4, Strengths: Almost too poor a bike to ride--seriously. I bought one of the black and green versions malrin this bike on a 'big sale' so that I could try out single-speed riding. I mean, how bad can it be, right? After one ride on modest trails, I returned the bike. The front wheel went out of true after maybe five miles and so the front disc rubbed.

The bottom bracket groaned and clunked after just a few miles. The shock is not only bad but really quite unpleasant. Even locked out, the fork clunks when you hit any bump. It feels like there is a spring but nothing else inside, so you get rebound shocks which basically offset any potential benefits from the shock. The brakes squealed loudly from the first few miles, too. The chain slacked up during one ride and the adjuster trek marlin 29er singlespeed felt as though I was going to rip them off their mounts when I tried to adjust.

I did not want to make the bike to be un-returnable. All I expected was a kassel bekanntschaften and generally decent bike, similar in quality to the Specialized X4 level bike I bought for my daughter trek marlin 29er singlespeed a get-around bike. Yes, cheap machine-built wheels and very cheap brakes. But I did expect this bike to be reasonably rideable for knocking around easy trails for a bit, so I could see if I liked the SS thing, before upgrading.

I simply cannot believe singlesppeed Trek would sell a bike this poor. So I returned this bike and got a Redline Monocog. I have already taken the Redline on a much longer and burlier ride than I took the Trek on and it performed flawlessly for what it is --I am not being a snob here--I just wanted a solid, basic ride. I have purchased many bikes over the years--both high-end and low-end for kids, etc. The Trek Marlin trek marlin 29er singlespeed not even compare in quality to the little kids' bikes I have bought from REI.

But the bike store's response when I returned the bike trek marlin 29er singlespeed basically, "well, its a cheap bike. The Monocog has restored my faith, though! Submitted by Bobby a Cross Country Rider Date Reviewed: March 23, Strengths: Frame, saddle, fast Weaknesses: Brakes, tires, crank, stem and handlebars Bottom Line: I have the green and black Marlin SS and have ridden the bike dozens of times over the past year.

From the ground up. Bontrager's tires are getting better from what I hear, but the stock tires for me were tenuous at best. The wheels for the price point xinglespeed fine for now, but the crank is less than stellar; yes, you get what you pay for, but I will need to upgrade the crank this summer to limit noise. The stock brakes are fine but sketchy on downhill sections. I plan to upgrade those as well. The stem and handlebars were the first to go, only for aesthetic reasons.

The Bontrager saddle is remarkably comfy, which shocked me; their saddles in the past have been atrocious. I bought another just like it for my Kona Hei Hei Supreme. The fork is tolerable asian dating website reviews if I ever see a sweat deal on trek marlin 29er singlespeed mm G2 fork upgrade, Beste datingsites in belgie on that.

Considering the need for upgrades, I can't justify five chilis. Honestly, though, this bike is priced appropriately; it's way too fun AND compliments my full suspension 26er quite well. A note to the burgeoning hipster who hopes to hit the mountain rote brille damen intentions of riding hard: While on the Surly KM, I frequently felt as though my effort was being wasted on an admittedly fun yet precariously whippy frame.

The KM's stock fork felt like it might fold underneath me at any given moment. The Marlin SS conversely promotes confidence and allows me to take more risks treek no perception of power loss. One minus with this bike is that you might need to ride with others who have a similar setup or you will leave the rest behind out of trek marlin 29er singlespeed for momentum. A SS like this will make you a better rider. The bike requires true marln and will challenge its rider to dig deep into his singlwspeed her well to discover what is or is not there.

You will explode singlepeed steady climbs and slay cross-country single track sections. I feel like I have the best of both worlds now. The sliding dropouts singlespesd need to be addressed. One appealing aspect in a SS is supposedly the lack of maintenance. Having ridden different single speed setups, two of which had traditional horizontal dropouts, partnervermittlung weingarten Marlin SS's slider technology is far superior.

Nevertheless, low maintenance in the long run requires patience and precision while setting up the ride. With all due respect to the mechanical mishaps and misfortunes of trek marlin 29er singlespeed, I would suggest thorough scrutiny of chain tension and tension on the bolts which trek marlin 29er singlespeed everything in place. Trust your LBS to set it up but do not stop there; ride it hard once or twice and then double-triple check the entire setup.

See Sheldon Brown's website for advice on chain tension etc. Don't buy this singlfspeed any Singlsspeed if you have a history of serious knee issues. The stock gearing is coincidentally what I had on my custom KM and suits me fine for the trails I ride, but it can be a grind on certain hilly sections. Avoid this or any SS if you are new to mtbing unless you are a natural beast.

A broad selection of gears will help a new trek marlin 29er singlespeed adjust to the nuances of bike handling. Buy this if you are bored. Buy it if you want a reliable, responsive, predictably quick ride. I bought this because no matter what I buy I usually add upgrades, so why not be frugal at the onset?

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I went into one store and told the lbs guy i was a college student and said i had a small budget but he kept showing me thousand dollar bikes so i quickly left. It is a great bike for the price. This is a great bike!!! Pedals "Don't ride with platforms so I don't care",Saddle "Comfortable but too narrow for my taste",Could have better components but not a deal breaker still pleased with the crisp and quite shifting Bottom Line: Brakes seemed to work well but I upgraded them too. These 's are available. The fork is fine for this price although I upgraded to a rockshox. Extremely capable Disc Brakes are rated by magazines as the best - Way better than v-brake systems and more powerful. Mine is the green model. An 11 year old customer assembled their own bike. Trek triathlon bikes and TT bikes are covered by the Speed Concept platform, available UCI-legal for time triallists, or fully kitted out for Ironman races with hydration storage, energy gel lockers and aero fairings. Had a crash which bent the front rim, it actually separated at the weld, not sure it was a defect or my crash.

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Trek Marlin Single Speed 29er (Gary Fisher Collection) with Upgrades. Size: Large (19") I am 6'3" with a lanky 6'6" wingspan. I was able. Trek Marlin Single Speed - 29er Hardtail reviews, user reviews, ratings, price, photos, forums - The Gary Fisher Marlin 29er Single Speed Mountain Bike with big wheels for faster rolling is a great single speed bike at an equally great price. Brand: Trek, Product: Marlin Single Speed (Gary Fisher Collection), Model Year: Tires, Bontrager 29 -2, 29 x Crankset, TruVativ E Chainrings.