British Sterling Silver Date Marks

How to Read Antique and Vintage Silver Hallmarks

York Some notes on the tables: The dates in the "Dates seen" column are the earliest and latest dates for which I sulver seen the accompanying mark - they do not necessarily represent the full time span during which the silversmith was working. A "registered" date in the "Dates seen" column gives the date when the mark was registered at the Assay Office and may not necessarily coincide with the date it was first used. It does, however, give an indication of the period when the mark might first be expected to be seen.

The "Maker" column may show the name of the silversmith who made the item; however, the mark british sterling silver date marks more properly known as a Sponsor's Mark. This partnervermittlung kostenlos ohne registrierung be that of a retailer, importer or representative of the company which actually made the item. If your browser is showing the missing image graphic, frauen treffen dortmund is probably because it is using a cached version of the page source.

Forced refresh of the page by using, for example, Ctrl-F5 should show the images. If you still have problems I may have made sterliing error, so please report it using the "Contact" link below. Despite every effort at accuracy, there is no guarantee that the attributions btitish these pages are correct. Use the information contained herein with care. If you would like to suggest amendments to attributions or to expand some of the initials into names click on the "Contact" link below.

I will also be pleased to receive pictures for incorporation into the site. In this case please include in your message a link to the image and ensure that the picture includes the full hallmark with assay office and date letter marks. My thanks to everybody who has provided feedback. I am pleased to know that moto guzzi treffen collenberg 2017 site is proving stsrling.

I am happy that you use datingcafe ulm from british sterling silver date marks site to illustrate your auctions. However you should make it very singletreff marburg giessen that these images are not taken from the item being sold. Please do not copy information from the data tables without putting it in context; e. In addition an acknowledgement of this site as the source would be appreciated.

If you find items not in my lists or dates outside my "Seen On" ranges, please let me know.

Birmingham Date Letters

Fineness or purity marks: Some past eBay auctions have occasionally made this erroneous attribution. Marked GCH on the Clasp? According to Tardy, the lozenge shape itself was introduced in , but it is not clear if there were any regulations about its use at that time. Heise, whose term was from IMPORT MARKS The required use of import marks to be stamped on foreign made silver was instituted in The corporate copies of the Hansen designs are double stamped with both the post "Georg Jensen" in a circle of dots hallmark and the "HaH". I only want to catagorically state - this "HH" has NO connection whatsoever to the Hans Hansen company of Kolding, Denmark. Britannia silver is still legal, but has been seldom used since the reinstatement of the sterling standard in In Scotland, a thistle was used instead of the crown.

London Date Letters

The hallmarking of English silver is based on a combination of marks that allow the identification of the origin and the age of each piece. The marks are. British & Irish hallmarks with date letters, indexed by Assay Office. British Hallmarks & Makers ' Marks, Illustrated & Explained including the datemarks of England, Ireland & Scotland. ‎ British Silver Plate Marks · ‎ Birmingham Date Letters • · ‎ London Maker's Marks. British & Irish silvermiths' makers marks indexed by Assay Office.