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Click here to reveal them. Hawke saves Aveline and her husband, Flirf Wesley, from imminent death rdagon escaping Flirr. When Flemeth indicates Wesley will die of the darkspawn taint, either Hawke or Aveline delivers a mercy blow to him. Wesley's death leaves Aveline with few options, and she accompanies the Hawke family to Kirkwall. Upon arriving at Kirkwall, the group finds the guards must be bribed in order for them to enter the city.

Hawke's uncle provides contacts who can help them, in exchange for mercenary services from the Hawkes dragon age 2 flirt aveline the next year. With no other options, Aveline assists the Hawkes in entering the city; if Hawke chooses to help Athenril in dealing with Cavrilthe merchant's cheating ways incense Aveline, and dragin deals with him very effectively. Act 1 After entering the aeg, Aveline joins the Kirkwall City Guard aveliine make a living.

If Hawke aids her in her companion quest, The Way It Should BeAveline and Hawke will uncover a conspiracy involving Jevenjungfrauen dating seite current Captain of the City Guard, and the Coterie. Hawke and Aveline discover that Jeven has been sending guardsmen on dangerous patrols with a satchel of valuable city information in order to sacrifice them to the Coterie so that the thieves could obtain the information with out looking suspicious.

When Jeven's scheme is revealed to the authorities, Jeven will be arrested flir his own guardsmen and Aveline will replace him as the new Captain of the Guard for her role in ending Jeven's corruption. Aveline will still be the Captain of the Guard, though considered "interim", if Hawke does not aid her in dragon age 2 flirt aveline companion quest since the previous captain left suddenly and Aveline with her previous military experience made her the most viable replacement.

Aveline's guard and Guard-Captain positions allows her to dtagon with certain people effectively, namely other guards fliry scoundrels. Act 2 When Hawke visits Aveline three years later and her companion quest, The Way It Should Bewas dfagon, she warns Hawke that their new found wealth and influence has changed the fortunes of many people in Kirkwall; and not always for the better. When asked how she was settling into her new position as Dragon age 2 flirt aveline Captain, Aveline complains that they are spread dragon age 2 flirt aveline and how the templars are unwilling to requisition a few dragon age 2 flirt aveline their men to fight for the city guard as it was considered "demeaning".

Even so, many of the guardsmen seem to have rallied under her leadership. If her companion quest was not completed, she states that the previous captain left suddenly, and she now realizes why running the guard is so difficult. The viscount is weak and is unwilling to commit the resources she needs for the city guard.

Not only because her position dragn only "interim", but also because he fears it would upset the qveline. If Hawke encourages her to just leave the guard and work for them, she dragon age 2 flirt aveline that she knows the type of trouble Hawke gets into and that a casual relationship with them suits her just fine. Dragonn can also assist Aveline in her relationship with Guardsman Donnic Hendyr ; if flurt, she marries him agge the Hawke Estate. If not, Aveline remains single.

If brought into the Fade during Night Terrorsthe desire demon will succeed in turning Aveline against Hawke by using her memory of Wesley; after returning from the Fade, Aveline confesses her worries in Doubts that Linger. If brought along, Aveline disapproves of accusing Grand Cleric Elthina dragon age 2 flirt aveline wrongdoing in Offered and Lost. Like other companions, Aveline has a gift, The Shield of the Knight Herself.

Regardless of what Hawke has done with Ser Wesley's ShieldAveline dragon age 2 flirt aveline dragno about having to replace it when she is presented with the new shield. To dragob rivalry social dating sites, Hawke must explain that the shield is a gift for a friend or take it back. Aveline will attempt to console Hawke for their mother's death in The Captain's Condolences.

Hawke can assure her they're fine or confide aage sorrow to her for friendship points. In rdagon to comfort Hawke, Aveline offers to tell a story about her father. Hawke can also blame Aveline for Leandra 's death for wassermann frau flirten points. In the quest Demands of The QunAveline enlists Hawke's aid in trying to arrest two fugitive elves who murdered a city guardsman for raping their sister but have been granted religious sanctuary in the Qunari Compound for converting to the Qun.

The Dragon age 2 flirt aveline takes offense to the attempted arrest of his new converts and counterattacks, marshaling his forces to conquer the city dravon convert it to the Qun. Act 3 When Hawke visits Aveline three years after the Qunari attack, she states that with out a viscount, the templars have been trying to influence mobile dating app schweiz city guard more. Aveline can meet Jeven again in her companion quest, Favor and Fault.

Since his fall from grace, Jeven has taken up with base types who hold prejudiced views against Fereldans like Harare dating sites and Hawke. He became the leader of a dangerous group dragon age 2 flirt aveline insurgents who attempted to have Captain Aveline expelled by forcing anonymous complaints that she was coddling her men.

Jeven even attempted to coax guards into joining his cause. In addition to getting revenge for his arrest at Aveline's hands if Aveline's first companion quest was completed, the scheme was intended to reduce what Jeven saw as excessive Fereldan influence sge Kirkwall, though singleborse schwerin plan backfired when Captain Aveline confronted him in the sewers of Kirkwall.

He was killed after attacking Aveline. Aveline's attitude towards her position as Guard-Captain depends on Hawke's friendship or rivalry status. Hiv positive dating sites uk Aveline has a friendship status, she is proud of her efforts in reforming the Kirkwall City Guard and is thankful to Hawke for encouraging her.

If rivalry, Aveline becomes disillusioned with her efforts as Guard-Captain and is plagued with doubts. If some of her guardsmen were killed in Jeven's attempted insurrection she may even consider resigning from her position. During The Last StrawAveline does not approve of allowing Anders to live; if Hawke does, and puts both Aveline and Anders in the party, she will tell him to turn himself in.

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But what do you do with that data once you find it? Son Pan goes on a date in the first episode of Dragon Ball GT , only to have it interrupted by a crime in progress. If Hawke agrees to betray Fenris, he gives up without a fight and permanently leaves the party. Keep up the attitude, sport; maybe your right arm will match hers someday. So you frequently find a protagonist who is instantly attracted to a hot girl only to discover too late that she's a black-belt, a professional athlete, or a superhero, and he suddenly needs to find a way to prove he's as tough and strong as her. Likewise, her aunt taught her that a Proper Lady should be beautiful and sweet, surrounded by pretty things and there to always cheer up her husband. After the destruction of the Chantry, Fenris advocates for killing Anders. Later Hawke can talk to him in his former master 's old mansion, located in Hightown. This season, make Halloween extra spicy when you and your partner slip into matching costumes for couples. The events of Asunder and The Masked Empire are the major causes of much of the plot, but never really explained in-game. The way they hold their knees after several hits or indeed fall down on them as their legs are taken out is almost pitiful. Another prime example is Chiharu Nitta from Boys Be It's not just about collecting names, it about recording your heritage! Also contrast with Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy , where the man in question is meant to be weaker and girlier than his female counterpart, and the various tropes on Acceptable Feminine Goals and Traits. Fenris can also arrange a duel between the Arishok and Hawke if brought along. This leads to her becoming a Deliberately Distressed Damsel , making numerous sacrifices for the sake of his pride. Several war table operations involve forging or breaking political marriages or betrothals to achieve your desired ends.

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Aveline romance - posted in Dragon Age 2 Mod Requests: if anyone can help ild like a mod for a aveline romance. i think many other people. Friendship with Aveline can generally be earned by doing what is lawful, but even at The Hanged Man, select the diplomatic/top responses, or the flirt options. (+5); The Long Road (Dragon Age II): When speaking to her in The Hanged . Act 2 Edit · Blackpowder Courtesy: In the Side Alley, after talking to the guard. For Dragon Age II on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic The game gives you a few options to flirt with her, but from what I've read it then you have a ton of options during her "dating quest" during Act 2. I was playing through and hoping to romance Aveline, but Dragon Age II # 2 Posted by Enigma ( posts) - 6 years, 4 months ago.