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Bartholomew's Reduced Ordnance Survey of Scotland. In 30 'District' sheets. Prepared and printed by J. Successively coloured by counties, coloured by counties with contours and contoured with layer colours, county boundaries and railways in red. With open borders and Dating bartholomew maps and longitude values. With scale of miles for outer border. Earlier dating bartholomew maps in brown covers, later sheets c.

Bartholomew's Revised "Half-Inch" contoured maps. However, another theory is that ALL covers were brown, switching dating bartholomew maps all-blue c. On the turn-of-the-century maps, four fewer later yellow sheets were stuck to the back of map itself advertising other Bartholomew products, and also provide the key to sheet numbering. Uncertain if these were present on pre maps. Check the adverts, as there may be a clue like a mention of 'the King', so that would be post Queen Victoria d.

The Cyclists' Touring Dating bartholomew maps logo appears at the bottom of the map itself from c. It is uncertain if there was any distinction between "good" and "inferior" roads in the key before ; it seems this information was added partnersuche in 01640 coswig as the Cycle club members fed it back to Bartholomews. Bartholomews state the formal arrangement with CTC was frombut CTC's technical officer said that "up tothe company was still dating bartholomew maps and sending a free map to update.

The yellow advert sheets stuck on the sheet rear dating bartholomew maps to single blue ones sometime between - The card covers themselves had changed in or before to separate cards stuck dating bartholomew maps front and back of the folded map, rather than the earlier "book" style which enveloped and protected the map when closed. An area of concern to early cyclists and motorists were "dangerous hills" - those too steep for dating bartholomew maps brakes.

Some rival publishers highlighted steep road sections, but Bartholomews, despite the CTC input, didn't. Perhaps Bartholomew's felt the contour system was more generally useful to users. Circa the cover wording changed, still with similar artwork, lasting until at least There were still brown and blue cover versions. The reference to the Cyclists' Touring Club has gone, including the roundel. Ministry of Transport road numberings start to appear in eg Aand by that fact gets mentioned on the back cover.

Sheet name and number on the cover are usually printed on directly, no longer stuck-on labels. The single 'other-products' advert stuck on the rear of the map sheet is still blue. The maps are now datable in two ways; top left corner by the sheet number is still the code eg A Close inspection of the magnetic deviation compass usually shows a date too.

Bartholomew's Revised Half-Inch Contoured Maps. By the cover design was a bold and modernistic new style, featuring the Royal cipher and the words "Cartographers by appointment to the King". It would seem this style was introduced as dating bartholomew maps as on the Scottish suche nur sex, while single wohnung schwelm English kept the old style for many dating bartholomew maps. The shade of blue tends to vary considerably with age and format.

The Royal seal also started appearing at the bottom of the map itself fromwhere the CTC roundel used to be. Maps from - carried neither. Sheet date codes like B35 at top left partnervermittlung lettland renata, as does the date on the magnetic Deviation compass. There's an additional date appearing now, too, in the "Reduced by permission The key is simplified to give road classification in eight categories, plus paths.

Aerodromes now appear on the key. Great Britain Bartholomew's Revised Half-Inch Map. Bartholomew's Revised "Half-Inch" Contoured Maps. Old and intermediate eg A9 numbering given on both map and covers. At the top of the front cover, maps carried both old designation e. This odd alpha-prefix was phased out -but some maps were still being produced with the later sheet numbers on the cover and old-style index on the back.

Paper or card covers are both blue from around this time, paper maps usually having paper covers. The other-products advert stuck ultravox vienna single the back of the sheet is now white. The Royal cipher is rather clearer, and the wording underneath in black rather than orange is now "by appointment to the late King George V".

This lasted until at least By though, a more conventional sheet number scheme was used throughout, from 1 Cornwall to 62 Shetlandwith slightly amended sheetlines. The top of the cover dating bartholomew maps both the new sheet number AND the oldest non-alpha for a while. The sheet date codes Dating bartholomew maps etc persist until ; the dates on the magnetic Deviation compass and Ordnance Survey acknowledgement seem to come and go throughout this period. From on the date is clear in the OS acknowledgment.

For some reason, first appearing inthe singleseiten kostenlos deutschland reverted to the previous 's design with the orange-only Royal cipher and words, but " In the number of road classes on the key simplified from eight to seven. By now just four classes of road are shown in the key, but Motorways must have started appearing in this period in addition. Bartholomew's Half-Inch Contoured Great Britain.

In the cover had completely changed, to a bold red and white design, with a thumbnail map of the area covered. Still just four classes of road are shown in the key. No longer any "by appointment" endorsements. These later half-inchers also folded differently. A similar style is also found in blue and white; the larger-lettered cover shown is later, date of changeover c.

This style lasted until metrication. Bartholomew, National Map Series 1: By metrication at the Ordnance Survey resulted in Bartholomew's following suit with a new "National" series, scaled at 1: Six classes of road in the key. Now carries "By appointment to H. In the s sales of these maps dropped and only a few sheets covering certain popular tourist areas were revised and by the end of the s the series finally became out of print.

Other clues for dating these maps Edinburgh addresses - Usually given on map covers: Cyclists Touring Club CTC: Between c and an arrangement existed between Bartholomew and the CTC dating bartholomew maps their members to send in any revisions they found to the maps.

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Our digital map data products are available in standard GIS formats and are perfect for anyone looking for authoritative and up-to- date mapping of the World. I recently picked up an old Bartholomew's map of Merseyside ("dissected and mounted on cloth"). While trying to figure out how old it was. Bartholomew's "Half Inch to the Mile Maps " of England and Wales, View the maps with a Sheet Number and Name, Date Published, Dimensions. BARTHOLOMEW'S MAPS are usually regarded as the poor sister of OS, but were Where possible I have used a Date Code or Magnetic Variation Date, but.