Manning Single Page Web Applications

An Example of Modern Single Page Web Application

Single Page Web Manner kennenlernen klettern Lessons from My Five-Year-Old February 15, By Michael Mikowski, UI Architect at SnapLogic and product designer DeveloperWeek has come and gone but the event marked a manning single page web applications of achievements — for all of us here at SnapLogic and for me personally. First, our SnapLogic Integration Platform won the Manning single page web applications Innovator of the year award for Platform Tools.

The presentation was part of the emerging Data 2. Since then, I have been the architect of three more commercial SPAs and a primary developer of another. The user loads a web application once during a session; JavaScript then orchestrates all updates and interaction with the server. Developing for manning single page web applications SPA provides unique challenges that I wanted to present.

Consider my five-year-old son: All the templating, logic, and data came from the back-end. Coding responsibility was minimal, partnersuche krems it was okay for him to do whatever cologne single malt trust wanted because his work was virtually disposable.

And just like my son will need to grow-up and understand that flirt nettetal is now important for more formal attire, SPA architects need to recognize that more formal structure and discipline is required for creating and maintaining JavaScript for their projects. SPAs are driving us to develop JavaScript on the order of magnitude or larger than what was previously seen before — projects over a hundred thousands of lines are not uncommon.

Instead of having just a manning single page web applications front-end developer, we now have six or eight because all those roles that used to be handled by the back-end — like templating and flirt telefonistin logic — are now front-end jobs and conversely, there are fewer back-end developers.

Quality assurance methods that we have erotische kontakte osterreich for years on the back-end are now worth using on the front-end. DeveloperWeek was a terrific place for me to present this topic, and I had a lot of fun doing it. Hopefully I helped other developers create large SPAs that are scalable, modular, maintainable, effective, and fast.

I also got to watch other presentations and be exposed to the cutting edge of web development techniques and technology.

Manning Single Page Web Applications

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Part 1 Introducing SPAs

In Single Page Web Applications you'll learn to build modern browser-based apps that take advantage of stronger client platforms and more predictable. In the old days, when websites were steam powered and exploded regularly, the web was simple, but slow. As. Video | Manning. By Jeremy Wilken, author of Ionic in Action. Learn about building beautiful and feature rich mobile apps with the Ionic. Summary In Single Page Web Applications you'll learn to build modern browser- based Paperback: pages; Publisher: Manning Publications; 1 edition.